Hi, I am Elise

First and foremost, I am a mama of three beautiful children. They are my light and my inspiration for everything I do. My love for photography runs deep when I see how powerful a captured moment in time can be.

Looking back on photos of your little ones and remembering their smile, their laugh, their quirks, it can send you back in time. I love capturing real moments with families and loved ones. Moments that will always be meaningful. Moments that you can remember forever.

Over the years I have done many types of photography sessions: from weddings to birth, from dance studios to bloggers. I love it all. It's always fun to try something new and different but, I always come back to families. The look in dads eyes when he looks at his baby girl. The snuggles and kisses from mom to her little ones. I love seeing your beautiful family interact with each other. Even if the toddler won't let go of their fruit snacks or all the little boy wants to do is run around I'm sure we can capture some beautiful memories, raw, real and in the moment.